Don’t Blow Your Money Away on AC. Save with These Tips from Action Cooling & Heating

If you haven’t been able to handle the heat this far, well we hate to tell you, but it’s not getting any better. We’re quickly approaching the dog days of summer. As the heat starts kicking into full gear, so will your air conditioner. While you may be tempted to turn your air conditioner down to full Arctic blast, the technicians at Action Cooling & Heating in Fort Meyers Florida advise you to not. In fact, they have a few tips to keep you cool while saving money on your air conditioning costs.

For starters, take a good look at your HVAC equipment. If you live in an older home, your unit is probably bordering on prehistoric. At this point, consider upgrading to a smart thermostat. Smart thermostats are excellent for regulating heating and cooling based on the time of day, number of people in the home, and much more. Their smart technology makes it an automatic time and money saver.

Aside from privacy, keeping your blinds closed is another simple yet cost effective method of keeping your home cool. If you keep your blinds open all day, you’re inviting all of the heat and rays from the sun in to naturally heat up your home. This may be great in the winter, but during the summer it just becomes counterproductive to your air conditioner. Try closing your windows and blinds during the hottest part of the day.

Many homes in Fort Meyers, Florida have ceiling fans. A surprising amount of people never use their ceiling fans. If you want to save money, Action Cooling & Heating suggests that you start using your ceiling fan. Putting your air conditioner at full blast is not always the most effective method to staying cool. A ceiling fan can help make your room feel anywhere between 5-10 degrees cooler and uses 10% less energy than your air conditioner unit. This saves on both maintenance and energy costs.

Of course, the most effective method to saving money on your air conditioning bill this summer is to keep your HVAC unit maintained regularly. Preventative maintenance helps identify potential issues and remediate any existing ones. For any questions or concerns regarding your HVAC, contact Action Cooling & Heating of Fort Meyers, Florida.

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