Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Meet the Action Cooling and Heating Fort Myers Crew

action cooling and heating fort myers florida

The official arrival of fall should also serve as an invitation to think about the furnace in your basement. Yes, we know that its flames have been largely idle for the past half-year but dropping temperatures are going to propel it back into action once again. Unless, of course, it’s broken. Should you adjust the thermostat upstairs and notice no activity from downstairs, then it’s time to phone Action Cooling and Heating Fort Myers. Once this call is made and your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) issue is explained, a team of experts will leap into action and start diagnosing the problem. It takes a team to see these problems through from your first call to finally firing up the furnace. With that in mind, we’d like to introduce you to the Action Cooling and Heating Fort Myers team so that customers will know who is responsible for keeping things on track.

The success of any small business is driven by those at the top and Mark, general manager of this Southwest Florida-based operation, demands the personal best from all employees. Given the large customer base of some 32,000 people across the region, it’s the duty of the general manager to keep jobs on track and under budget. Speaking of budgets, Sarah is the bookkeeping and accounting guru at Action Cooling and Heating Fort Myers. The sheer breadth of services that this HVAC company renders – from preventative maintenance and tests to on-site duct cleaning and equipment replacement – there’s no shortage of costs to keep track of. When customers have a question about costs associated with their projects, it’s likely that Sarah has the answer. Finally, Colleen is one more Action Cooling and Heating Fort Myers employee who has to look after the books. Since she’s responsible for HR and payroll, it’s up to Colleen to keep internal affairs in order.

Advertising and marketing isn’t about overloading local customers with content and product-placement. Rather, marketing director Nick and marketing manager Jamie know that well-aimed outreach can raise awareness. That awareness is crucial when someone is experiencing an HVAC issue and searching frantically to find a capable repair company. Action Cooling and Heating Fort Myers is that repair company and it’s up to these two marketing experts to show potential customers just how effective the company is at its eight main areas of expertise. Last – but certainly not lease – is Omar, who oversees the company’s service and production efforts. Any HVAC worth working with will want to ensure that the solutions promised after initial consultation with a customer are deliver. It’s up to Omar to keep a close watch on services rendered and ongoing projects but as you can see, there’s a diverse team of experts at Action Cooling and Heating Fort Myers keeping everything on track.

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