Action Cooling and Heating Discusses How to Save Money on AC Usage This Summer

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During the current health crisis, Action Cooling and Heating in Fort Myers Florida has been hard at work taking care of all their customers’ HVAC needs. The company’s duct cleaning division has seen increase in work and are doing a lot of IAQ products such as UV systems and high-end filters for valued customers. Action Cooling and Heating acknowledges that the COVID-19 pandemic is a difficult period of time for many, and the economic stresses some are currently facing mean that a lot of clients are focusing on maintaining their systems and saving as much as they can. In this article, Action Cooling and Heating keeps this in mind and includes easy and cost-efficient tips for saving money on AC usage this summer.

Stay Up to Date on Maintenance

AC units require regular maintenance, and Action Cooling and Heating in Fort Myers Florida recommends having professional take a look at your system every year or so. Maintenance technicians can help to ensure that crucial parts are in working order, all essential parts are cleaned, drains are clear, and refrigerant levels are where they should be. Ensuring that your AC unit is checked by a professional will save money overall by keeping it working as efficiently as possible, making it require less energy overall.

Keep Out the Sun

Many tips for saving money on AC usage during the summer are simple ideas that many homeowners simply forget to enact. For example, Action Cooling and Heating in Fort Myers Florida maintains that homes with windows that face a lot of direct sunlight can drastically increase the heat in your home. To combat this, be sure to keep out the sun by remembering to close your blinds or curtains on particularly sunny days. When you are trying to save some energy costs over the summer, this action can do wonders for reducing unnecessary sources of heat.

Set Thermostat High When Not Home

One common mistake that homeowners frequently make that is reflected on their electric bill is running their AC when no one is home to enjoy it. With more people heading out across the country as stay at home orders are lifted, it is important to remember that you can set your thermostat five to eight degrees higher in the summer when you leave to save as much as 15% on your energy bill. While it may be hard to remember consistently, programmable thermostats can be set to your schedule to make the changes for you.

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