Celebrating the Beauty of America with Tips from Action Cooling & Heating

Spring is a time of renewal and rebirth. The flowers are back in bloom, the animals come out of hibernation, and the air just seems crisper and cleaner. It’s a beautiful time of year, which leaves no surprise why some of the major holidays and campaigns celebrating earth and this country are in April. In […]

HVAC 101 with Action Cooling & Heating

We’ve written blog after blog about HVACs, from their maintenance, to choosing the right one. But have we ever truly discussed what an HVAC is or does? We didn’t think so. See, as professionals, we are constantly surrounded by HVACs, performing routine maintenance or installations that it never dawned on us that some of the […]

Get a Hold on Mold with Action Cooling & Heating Fort Meyers

When you realize you have a moisture problem in your home, the first thing you think of is mold. It’s a homeowner’s worst nightmare. No one wants to discover mold growing in their home, but for many in South Florida, it’s a very real possibility. The conditions of life in Fort Meyers and the surrounding […]

Autumnal Transitional Tips from Action Cooling & Heating, Fort Meyers

While we’re still enjoying nice, sunny weather in the Sunshine State, many across the country are beginning to experience cooler temperatures. That slight crisp that you can sense in the air is the just the very beginning signs of Autum. In a few days, summer will officially be over and the pumpkin spice will be […]

Install Your Programmable Thermostat with Action Cooling & Heating

As homeowners, we are constantly looking for cost-effective ways to cool and heat our homes. As HVAC professionals, we are constantly on the search for new and efficient ways to deliver the best products that can achieve that. With the increase of technological solutions being incorporated into the HVAC industry, there are a number of […]

Don’t Blow Your Money Away on AC. Save with These Tips from Action Cooling & Heating

If you haven’t been able to handle the heat this far, well we hate to tell you, but it’s not getting any better. We’re quickly approaching the dog days of summer. As the heat starts kicking into full gear, so will your air conditioner. While you may be tempted to turn your air conditioner down […]

Ask the Pros of Action Cooling & Heating: Your Common HVAC Questions Answered

You have questions. We have answers. At Action Cooling and Heating in Fort Meyers, it’s our goal to not only provide you with quality HVAC work, but to answer some of your most burning questions. Below, we have compiled the three most asked questions and their answers. 1.    How often should I have my HVAC […]